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  • 皮膚にはいくつかの機能があります。

    • ① バリア機能(細菌の侵入や 乾燥の防止)
    • ② 外界からの感覚情報(痛覚、触覚、温度覚)の受け取り
    • ③ 塩の排泄
    • ④ ビタミンDの合成
    • ⑤ 体温の制御

  • 角質細胞が変成して核も見られます。

    ※Natural Moisturizing Factor

Why is it important to keep the skin moisturized?

  • Some of the major functions of the skin are;

    • ① Protection (acts as a barrier against the bacteria and dehydration)
    • ② Sensory response (pain, touch, sensation of hot/cold)
    • ③ Excretion of water, urea, ammonia and uric acid
    • ④ Formation of vitamin D
    • ⑤ Maintaining body temperature

    To ensure your skin from malfunctioning, it is important to keep the skin moisturized.
    There are three structural layers to the skin, which are, in order from the outside in:
    epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis itself has five separate layers.
    The visible outermost layer is called a stratum corneum has 30% water content.
    The water fills in the gaps of the stratum corneum to protect our skin from drying out,
    which protects ourselves from infection.
    Environmental humidity plays a large role in moisture retention.
    When humidity is low, water can be drawn out of the skin’ a surface into the air,
    drying out the outermost layer of the epidermis.
    When humidity is high, the skin uses its natural moisturizing agent to pull water from the environment to
    its surface, to help it hydrated.
    Therefore, keeping the skin moisturized is very crucial throughout the year.

    Supervised by the visiting researcher of NIH